Orlando Pride Angers Fans With Shockingly Insensitive Marketing Ploy

Florida’s NWSL club, which features openly gay players, thought giving fans free Chick-fil-A was a good idea.

The Orlando Pride might just be the worst-named club in the world. Not because Pride is a bad name, but because the ownership and/or marketing team doesn't seem to understand its fans and community.

A club that has rainbow seats in its stadium, features two teammates who earlier this year became engaged to each other, promotes inclusivity of all kinds and includes a reference to promoting LGBTQ+ rights in its actual name has somehow picked just about the worst company in America to partner with this week.

In a tweet sent out Thursday, the Orlando Pride — in the middle of “Fan Appreciation Month” — asked fans to sign up to win free food from Chick-fil-A, one of the most openly homophobic companies in the country. 

Yikes times one million. 

Orlando Pride Chick-fil-A

Screenshot of the Orlando Pride Chick-fil-A tweet uploaded in anticipation of the club deleting its tweet.

There are good ways to promote your team and there are bad ways. This is perhaps the worst.

For those unfamiliar with Chick-fil-A’s homophobia, Vox had a good explainer story earlier this year, outlining the many times the company has promoted anti-LGBTQ+ ideals. The company has also been sued for firing a Muslim man for refusing to pray to Jesus. 

Essentially, the company’s leadership has stated that marriage should only be between a man and a woman and has made donations to anti-gay groups. Many in this country agree with these sentiments while others willfully ignore what the company stands for to eat fried chicken and waffle fries, which is their right. But should a club that supposedly stands for LGBTQ+ values associate with such a company?

(Admittedly, this appears to be a cross-promotion with MLS club Orlando City, but considering the two clubs share an owner and a stadium, that doesn’t excuse this shocking oversight.)

Embed from Getty Images

The response to the Orlando Pride’s Chick-fil-A giveaway has not been surprising, and makes you wonder who the hell signed off on this in the first place. Then again, the Pride have a coach who doesn’t think USWNT players should “sell out” for equal pay, so maybe we shouldn’t be too surprised.

But at least the Twitter comments were pretty epic.

OK, that one was a little lame, if you ask me.

Oh, and for the record, when it comes to fast food, Whataburger has the best chicken sandwich

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