This Goalie Makes An Awful Mistake — Oh Wait It’s Loris Karius Again

Loris Karius is still playing like he’s concussed.

The Europa League always has plenty of amazing goals and delightful skills to marvel at. A second-rate competition behind the Champions League, it also has plenty of horrible play. On Thursday, we saw some of both, with the latter coming in the form of a shocking goalkeeping error. 

Swedish side Malmo FF hosted Turkish club Besiktas in Group I of the Europa League on Thursday. In a scoreless match early in the second half, Malmo right back Andreas Vindheim sent a cross into the box that took a slight deflection off Besiktas left back Caner Erkin. 

What happened next was … 


No … 

Don’t tell me!

It can’t be.

Loris Karius? 

What the hell man. I thought we were done with this shit. 

What are you doing Karius? You were miles away from reaching a ball that should’ve been a routine save!

First you were awful in the Champions League final against Real Madrid, one of the primary reasons Liverpool lost, but at least you could blame it on a concussion. Then you came back with the Reds in preseason and did this crap in a preseason friendly against Tranmere Rovers, of all clubs.

We thought, we hoped, we prayed you were done with your mistakes when you went on loan to Besiktas, nearly a continent away. And yet, here you are, in the Europa League, the biggest stage Besiktas will play in all year, and you go and let a harmless ball loop over your head for the match winner.

Do you need glasses, buddy? Is your depth perception off? Or have you just made it your mission to become “the goalie who always makes dumb mistakes,” hoping to cash in on some great blooper VHS tapes?

We hope it’s the latter. 

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