Doctors Confirm Loris Karius Concussion During UCL Final

Karius did indeed have a concussion during the game, there’s medical proof. The problem is: who caused it?

After a “comprehensive examination” in Massachusetts General Hospital, it turns out Liverpool goalkeeper Loris Karius did indeed suffer a concussion during the May 26 Champions League final against Real Madrid. This report, however, isn’t going to clear our conscience on tearing Karius apart as a bad keeper, is it? I thought so. 

Dr. Ross Zafonte, a leading expert on brain injuries, issued an official medical statement on June 4 explaining Karius’ injury. Zafonte claims that Karius sustaining a concussion surely lowered his ability to play as efficiently as the 24-year-old normally does. 

You can read the full statement here.

Take a look at the video again, I beg of you. 

Sergio “I Can Sleep At Night” Ramos, people. The Madridista bully is said to be the cause of the concussion, leading to Karius miserably failing to stop two easy goals and granting a third successive Champions League title to los Galacticos

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The video shows Ramos elbowing Karius’ head while near the post, and if that’s not what you see then we all know what team logo you have emblazoned on your bed sheets. 

This is was the German goalkeeper tweeted the day after the match:

Dr. Zafonte also wrote in his statement a medical explanation stating Karius to have had the concussion directly after the elbow-to-head event, but not naming Real Madrid’s captain in the statement:

“At the time of our evaluation, Mr. Karius’s principal residual symptoms and objective signs suggested that visual spatial dysfunction existed and likely occurred immediately following the event. Additional symptomatic and objectively noted areas of dysfunction also persisted. It could be possible that such deficits would affect performance.”

In regular English, that means the kid’s head was blasted with an elbow. No medical degree required. Karius concluded his medical examinations on Thursday, May 31 after being pushed by Liverpool staff to get his head checked. He is now reported to be on vacation with family in California until July 2, when he’ll have to return to the club for pre-season training.

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As for Ramos, he’s probably sipping some overly expensive champagne on a beach all the while laughing maniacally about two injured Liverpool players. Sigh… 

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