Germany Keeping Joachim Low Despite Abject World Cup Showing

He’s the bowl-cut donning, navy shirt wearing, finger-sniffing mastermind behind Germany’s masterful national team. Joachim Low is also the coach who showed up with an appalling team during this year’s World Cup. Before the World Cup, Low renewed his contract as manager till 2022, but after Germany’s embarrassing way out this year, speculations ran wild about Low’s premature departure. 

The world probably thought Roman Abramovich was running Germany’s national team with his ‘Kick the coaches out if they don’t win’ mentality, but oh were they wrong. Low is here to stay and plans to focus on rebuilding Germany for September’s international season and if his contract lasts till the end of 2022, we might see Low again in the next World Cup. 

“I feel, in spite of legitimate criticism of our departure, generally much support and encouragement,” Low said. “But now I want to design the rebuilding with full commitment. It all takes time, but everything will happen in time for the start of the new international season in September.” 

Reinhard Grindel, Germany’s famed journalist, politician and football administrator, later tweeted that Low will “analyze our performance during the World Cup very carefully and take the right steps to lead our team back on the road to success,” which clearly hints to something more than international play. Perhaps the next World Cup Germany returns with a vengeance? 

After a shocking 2-0 defeat to South Korea, Germany placed last in Group F’s table, which for a team of Germany’s caliber is absolutely mad. To add insult to injury (if you wanted Germany to win unlike myself) South Korea’s second goal was an absolute beauty. I must mention though, Manuel Neuer you are admirable but mistaken. 

Here’s a quick reminder as to how South Korea shocked the world with that second goal (and practically became lovers with Mexico): 

South Korea’s unexpected win against Germany is surely unforgettable, but let’s also not forget Germany, with Low won the 2014 Brazil World Cup and dominated easily. 

Oliver Bierhoff, Germany’s national team director, expressed his approval of and persistent faith in Low. After all, since his start in 2006, Low has taken Germany to at least the semifinals of all major leagues and tournaments. 

“I am very pleased that Jogi Low is at the helm of our national team and we sat together for a long time yesterday and I felt the full energy to continue.” Bierhoff said. 

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