World Cup Tickets Are On Sale Now, And They’re Surprisingly Affordable

Tickets to the Qatar World Cup are now on sale. As with any major event, reserving a seat to one of the globe’s biggest shows is not quite as simple as just loading up your favorite ticket app and clicking a couple of buttons. Here’s everything you need to know about how to buy World Cup tickets for Qatar 2022, which start at just $11.

In many ways, the Qatar World Cup could be the most fan accessible one yet, with all stadiums located within 45 miles of each other. On other ways, the Qatar World Cup could be the least fan accessible one yet, with questions over infrastructure and lodging yet to be answered. (There’s also the question of whether you want to patronize a nation that has been accused of using slave labor to build its stadiums.) Nonetheless, it’s the most popular sporting event in the world and the demand will be high.

FIFA announced the start of ticket sales for the 2022 World Cup on Jan. 19, 2022. The first sales period runs through Feb. 8. If you want to know how to buy World Cup tickets, read on.

How To Buy World Cup Tickets For Qatar 2022

Let’s start with the basics. To buy World Cup tickets, you’ll need to create an account with FIFA and apply for certain tickets. If accepted, you pay for them, obtain a Fan ID and get to Qatar. 

There will be at least three phases of sales for World Cup tickets. The first ran from Jan. 19-Feb. 8, 2022, and awarded tickets through a random lottery. A second phase from March 23-29 sells tickets on a first-come-first-served basis. The final phase(s) will be on a first-come-first-serve basis; FIFA will announce details after the draw. 

To apply for World Cup tickets, click here, choose if you’re an international fan or a resident of Qatar, then you’ll sign in/create an account and eventually be taken to a list of options to buy tickets. You may have to wait in a queue at some point if demand is high. 

How To Buy World Cup Tickets Qatar 2022

You can currently buy tickets for certain individual matches like the opener, a Round of 16 match (for Mexico fans) or the final. You can also choose to buy tickets for a specific team, even one that hasn’t qualified yet (looking at you, Americans). In this way, you can choose to buy tickets to all three group matches, all four potential knockout-round matches or all seven potential matches. For each package, you can apply for up to six tickets per match. Accessibility tickets are also available. 

Right now, you cannot apply for different ticket products for the same match or for matches played on the same day. This is to prevent fans from getting multiple tickets to the same match.

Once you apply for a ticket or group of tickets, you must wait. FIFA will inform fans whether or not their applications were successful no earlier than March 8 for the first phase. If you are successful, you’ll be given a deadline to pay for the tickets before losing them to the next phase of sales. 

How Much Do World Cup Tickets Cost For Qatar 2022?

As mentioned above, tickets for the World Cup start at $11, which is cheaper than a Messi Burger and one dollar more than the cheapest 2019 Women’s World Cup tickets. Unfortunately, the cheapest tickets are reserved for Qatar residents, but fret not, the tickets aren’t too absurd.

Except for the opener, which starts at $297, group-stage matches cost about $67.50 for the cheapest Category 3 seats and $216 for the Category 1 seats. Hospitality packages start at $950 for group-stage matches for those who have too much money.

2022 World Cup Ticket Prices

  • Opener: $297-607.50
  • Group Stage: $67.50-216
  • Round of 16: $94.50-270
  • Quarterfinals: $202.50-418.50
  • Semifinals: $351-939.60
  • Third-Place Match: $202.50-418.50
  • Final: $594-1,579.50
    Prices subject to change

If you want to buy tickets for all three USMNT group-stage matches, it’ll run you about $220-712 (unless the U.S. plays Qatar in the opener). To buy tickets for all seven USMNT matches (because obviously the U.S. is going to win it all) you’ll be set back $1,589-4,241. 

The nice thing about the stadiums being so close is fans can easily plan to buy tickets to every one of their country’s matches and not have to worry too much about where the draw takes the team. Or you can choose to buy four tickets to a single stadium for about $270-864.

How To Buy World Cup Tickets Qatar 2022

2022 World Cup stadium locations. Image courtesy Qatar 2022.

There are a couple of things to remember when buying World Cup tickets. First, all prices are in QAR (Qatari riyal). Currently the exchange rate is 1 QAR to $0.27 USD, so a quick way to get the approximate price is to divide the QAR number by four. (I’ve done the math to convert the prices listed above.)

Additionally, there is only one way to pay for World Cup tickets if you’re a resident of Qatar: with a Visa card. Fortunately, international fans can use other payment cards, but FIFA is going all out to give its sponsor a boost. You may want to have a Visa card on file just in case.

How To Travel To Qatar

If you’re able to score tickets to the 2022 World Cup, you’ll then be tasked with figuring out how to get to and stay in Qatar for however long you plan to attend matches.

Flights in and out of Qatar aren’t too hard to find, with Qatar Airways flying direct to and from more than 170 locations, including 12 in the U.S. You’ll want to charge your Nintendo Switch before traveling because it’s not a short trip. Flights from New York to Doha are about 12.5 hours, while it’s nearly 16 hours from Los Angeles. 

How To Buy World Cup Tickets Qatar 2022

Flights to Qatar. Image courtesy Qatar 2022.

Qatar has committed to create 165,000-175,000 rooms (about 3.6 million room nights) by November, but 1.5 million visitors are expected throughout the month-long tournament, so lodging could be an issue. Options currently include hotels, apartment rentals, floating hotels (cruise ships in Doha Port) and “fan villages,” which might just be camping in the desert. You’ll probably want to figure out lodging as soon as possible to ensure you have a place to sleep. Some people have even suggested flying in from a neighboring country for a match and then flying back.

In Qatar you can use the Doha Metro, which is $1.65 for a day ticket. Five of the eight stadiums are connected to the Metro, with the others accessible by shuttle buses. As with any large city these days, there are plenty of electric scooters around town to rent. 

Will I Need A Visa To Enter Qatar?

To enter Qatar and attend matches, you’ll need a visa or Fan ID, called a Hay’ya Card, which acts as a visa.

The Hay’ya Card will work like the Fan ID for the Russia World Cup in 2018 and give fans access to free matchday travel options and other benefits.

Will Vaccines Be Required At World Cup 2022?

Qatar has said it’s committed to the health and safety of visitors, but full information on Covid-19 safety measures have not yet been revealed and will become available closer to the start of the tournament as the world continues its evolving fight against the virus. Currently vaccines are not required to enter the country, but that could change. If you’re able, you should get vaccinated as soon as possible to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Currently, Qatar has different entry standards based on where you are coming from. Expect to need a negative PCR test within 72 hours of arriving in Qatar, even if you’re vaccinated. If you’re not vaccinated, do it now if you can or expect extra requirements to enter and move about Qatar. 

Matches will be played outdoors, so you’ll be at a lower risk of contracting or passing on Covid.

Will I Be Safe In Qatar?

Qatar brags about a low crime rate and it is ranked as one of the safer countries in the world, so long as you’re not employed to build the World Cup stadiums. However, this doesn’t mean everyone will be safe.

Homosexuality is illegal in Qatar, with a punishment of up to three years in prison. Nasser Al Khater, the CEO of the 2022 World Cup, has tried to assuage LGBTQ+ fans by claiming Qatar is a tolerant country. However, his words were not exactly reassuring that LGBTQ+ fans will be totally free to be who they are at the World Cup. 

One hopes Qatar doesn’t punish anyone for being who they are — imagine if Russia had imprisoned any Muslims who openly prayed at the 2018 World Cup or if Brazil jailed redheads at the 2014 World Cup — but at this point it’s unclear how tolerant Qatar will be to LGBTQ+ fans, which is unfortunate but that’s FIFA for you. 

Can I Drink Alchol In Qatar?

Though alcohol is not totally illegal in Qatar, it is a Muslim nation and alcohol is not as readily available as in many Western countries. However, Qatar has promised alcohol will be available to fans in designated areas such as hotels. 

What Can I Do In Qatar Outside Of Match Days?

As mentioned above, you could just stay in your hotel in drink, but you do that at home already so maybe branch out a bit at the World Cup?

Qatar isn’t exactly a massive country, so your options are somewhat limited. 

The first option suggested by some Qatar PR I was sent is to take “a trip to the desert” where you can experience the “rollercoaster-like ride that is dune bashing.” Chances are if you’re in Doha, you’ll be in the desert at some point. Try to enjoy it.

How To Buy World Cup Tickets Qatar 2022

What to do in Qatar, according to Qatar. Image courtesy Qatar 2022.

Other options in Qatar include the marketplace Souq Waqif, Neymar’s favorite camel racing, museums, sports (golf, tennis, squash), Katara Cultural Village, shopping downtown, the Pearl Qatar (an extravagant man-made island/marina), the beach and Purple Island, one of the country’s natural wonders. 

Or just stay in your hotel, get drunk and watch all the other World Cup matches.

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