Sebastian Giovinco Hits Nasty Free Kick In Friendly Against Cruz Azul

The best way to defend a Sebastian Giovinco free kick is to just give up and let him score.

Just days after taking apart some very complicated Club America free kick defense tactics, Toronto FC's Sebastian Giovinco was at it again against Cruz Azul. The Atomic Ant blasted in his second free kick of Toronto's pre-season tour of Mexico, and this one may have even been better than the first.

Teams should stop fouling Toronto FC players in dangerous positions. That seems to be the only way to stop Giovinco from scoring free kicks.

Toronto FC won the friendly, 4-1, with two goals each from Giovinco and Jozy Altidore. However, Cruz Azul have a match tomorrow against Monterrey, so it's unlikely they were trying very hard.

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