Club America Go To Extreme Lengths To Stop Sebastian Giovinco, Fail Miserably

Standing over a free kick from 22 yards out during Toronto FC’s preseason friendly against Club America in Mexico City, Sebastian Giovinco looked up to see a three-man wall, defenders on either post, the goalkeeper stationed dead center and four more players scattered in front of goal to deter any other angles. No matter.

The Atomic Ant rifled one into the top-right corner, giving the defender on that post zero chance (maybe a slim chance of being decapitated). There’s simply no stopping the 31-year-old Italian. 

America, five matches into the Liga MX Clausura season, defeated Toronto 6-3, which is certainly to be expected at this point. But TFC needs to reach regular season form sooner than most MLS clubs as they’ll be contesting the 2018 CONCACAF Champions League in 11 days time.

However, they’ve been drawn against fellow MLSers Colorado Rapids in the Round of 16.

Sebastian Giovinco free kick vs Club America

MLS Cup champion Seba Giovinco. Photo: MaSport10 | Twitter

The other two Toronto goals were scored by Jozy Altidore, while America’s goal scorers were American international Joe Corona, Henry Martin, Alejandro Diaz, Andres Ibarguen, Darwin Quintero (a rumored transfer target of TFC) and Diego Lainez. 

Ibarguen’s goal was pretty nice as well. 

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