Peru’s World Cup Hype Video Is Just Spectacular

Peru is back on the big stage after a 36-year absence. Here’s their reminder to France, Denmark and Australia about what they’re all about.

Celebrating its first FIFA World Cup appearance in 36 years, Peru sent a fantastic reminder of its footballing heritage and indomitable spirit to Group C rivals France, Denmark and Australia via Twitter.

The two-minute hype video will send shivers down your spine with shots of the Andes mountains, the Amazon Basin, Lima, Machu Picchu and the nation’s brilliant World Cup qualifying campaign (take a seat, Luis Suarez). 

France, Denmark and Australia may be wondering why exactly they’re getting a finger pointed at them for issues related to the weather and economy a but still, ARRIBA PERÚ! 

Ricardo Gareca is one of the best managers in the international game, and he’ll have los Incas raring to go on day three of the World Cup, when Peru open against Denmark. With France expected to top the group, that match will have the feel of an early knockout round game, and now captain and leader Paolo Guerrero has had his international ban lifted!

Bucket your seat belts, folks. Only 14 more days.

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