King Arturo Is Now King Of Rocket Ship Headed Own Goals

Arturo Vidal ripped a header into his own net against Paraguay Thursday.

Arturo Vidal is one of the best midfielders in the world. He can do pretty much everything on the field. There is no skill that escapes him, although we would struggle to describe any one skill of his as "great."

Except for rocket ship header own goals, of course. Check out this beauty from Chile's 3-0 loss to Paraguay Thursday.

That was a bullet. He hit the hell out of that. Put his whole head through it. POWER!

Vidal's header kicked off what turned into a shambles from Chile, with La Furia Roja receiving four yellow cards but not scoring any goals. They retained their fourth-place spot in CONMEBOL World Cup qualifying by virtue of Argentina not being able to score on Uruguay.

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