This Magical First Touch Shows Why Pulisic Is U.S. Player Of The Year

This Christian Pulisic goal has it all: a great assist, a magical first touch that sends the ball over the keeper's outstretched arms and a casual second-touch finish.

The U.S. star scored an 89th minute winner on Saturday to give Dortmund a much-needed victory over Hoffenheim.

Christian Pulisic Goal + First Touch

Our sources confirm that the technique for this Christian Pulisic goal was learned at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (Photo: @OmniSport)

For Pulisic and Dortmund, the goal represents the first step in a come back from a season that had started to seem it was headed for stagnation. Under new coach Peter Stoeger, the club now has two wins in two games.

This goal is perhaps the best of the season from Pulisic. Watch as he chips the ball over the keeper with a right-footed first touch and then finishes with his left, as neat as can be:

USMNT fans will no doubt feel bittersweet watching this clip. On one hand, it's awesome. On the other hand, it's the kind of awesome that we won't get to watch during the 2018 FIFA World Cup – unless the USA actually decides to go through with plans to host an alternate World Cup.

Dortmund now sits third in the Bundesliga table behind Bayern Munich and Schalke. It's been a rough stretch, but this is Pulisic's third goal of the Bundesliga season. Perhaps it can give the youngster some momentum to carry forward.

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