Kevin De Bruyne Doesn't Get Mad. He Gets Even.

Tottenham faced a league-leading Manchester City side on Saturday and tried to neutralize them with physical play. It did not go well. It especially did not go well when Dele Alli stomped on the ankle of Kevin De Bruyne. Like a midfield incarnation of Maximus Decimus Meridius, Kevin De Bruyne had his vengeance and it was oh so sweet.

To be fair, it was not so sweet for the Tottenham fans in attendance at the Etihad. Nor the Tottenham fans looking on from the comfort of their homes. Nor the Tottenham fan forced to write about this match for a certain website...but we digress. 

It started with a relatively innocent-looking tackle from Dele Alli.

Kevin De Bruyne takes a stomp on the ankle from Dele Alli

Nothing to see here.

OK, that was not so innocent-looking.

What Dele Alli and Tottenham fans might not have realized is the extent to which Kevin De Bruyne no likey this. He no likey this at all. And, apparently, when Kevin De Bruyne isn't happy he scores goals.

An instant after returning to the pitch, De Bruyne unleashed an epic golazo that even this Tottenham fan had to admit was pretty sweet. Note the use of his unstomped-upon left foot. 

Manchester City went on to win 4-1, extending their Premier League winning streak to a cool 16 games. Which is almost as long as my Fantasy Premier League winning streak, if by "winning" you mean scoring the least points.

It's OK Tottenham. We can lose together this season.

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