#SaveTheCrew Movement Gets Support Of Brewery With $1.25 Billion Valuation

Multinational brewery and pub chain BrewDog has come forth as a potential investor in Columbus Crew SC.

Back before Anthony Precourt invested in the Columbus Crew in 2013, the Crew had a decidedly punk feel. Prior to going with a Bundesliga-inspired crest that’s actually quite nice, the Crew boasted the most ruffian logo in all of American sports with three dudes wearing construction hats beneath a giant stylization of the word “Crew”. It was hardcore, a tradition that’s been vociferously kept alive by the Nordecke supporters’ group and all who’ve given their voice to the #SavetheCrew movement.

A major talking point in Columbus’ potential relocation to Austin, Texas, has been Precourt’s claim that no potential investors came forward with serious offers to invest in the club, a statement that’s been dismissed as a falsehood by many who want to keep the Crew in Columbus, the idea being that Precourt is simply dead set on moving the Crew rather than working out the stadium issue in Columbus.

With this in mind, another splash was made over the weekend when BrewDog co-founder James Watt came forward with his desire to help keep the Crew in Columbus. BrewDog in a multinational brewery with brewing locations in both Ellon, Scotland, and Columbus, Ohio.

They began work on their $30 million USA location in Columbus in 2016, and the company is valued at $1.24 billion with 750 employees, 55,000 shareholders and 46 bars across the planet. In other words, this is an extremely strong ally for the #SaveTheCrew movement.

BrewDog’s company ethos is mirrored in their flagship beer, the Punk IPA. They are antiestablishment, “pioneers and experts in crowd-funding and community ownership” and passionate about their craft. 

According to Watt, the similarities between the Crew and BrewDog make a potential takeover an attractive proposition.

“We have now joined the discussion and effort with the Columbus Partnership and City and County officials to #SaveTheCrew,” Watt said in a statement. “Like most fans, we believe in the power of great teams to galvanize their communities. The Columbus Crew is an important and long-standing part of our community.

"We would love to facilitate and be involved in a potential purchase of the Columbus Crew from it’s current ownership structure and then immediately look to sell at least half of it back to the fans though crowdfunding. We passionately believe the best people to own things are the ones who care the most about them.”

Shots fired at Precourt. In the meantime, BrewDog has launched a new beer to directly support the cause called the CREW BREW, a golden ale with all profits from its sale donated to the #SaveTheCrew movement.

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