This Fantastic SMU Strike Shows Why Everyone Should Adopt Golden Goal

SMU scored a golden goal to beat UCF and win the American Athletic Conference.

Footy fans don't agree on much, but one thing most fans can agree on is soccer's extra time rules are generally awful. For most leagues, the general "30 minutes of extra time followed by a penalty shootout" format prevails, and that format is butt.

You know what format is better? Golden goal. That is, if a team scores in extra time, that's it. Game over. If the ball goes in the net, that's the last kick of the game, and everyone watching can pivot to doing something else. This format is also known as "sudden death" which is cool and spooky-sounding.

Check out this golden goal Southern Methodist scored to beat Central Florida to win the American Athletic Conference tournament. 

Under the accepted format, they would still have to play 25 more minutes of cagey overtime soccer. Insted, they get to end the game on something cool. That's way better, I think. It's really the only way soccer can have something like a buzzer-beater, and that's fun.

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