Your Relationship Explained By Soccer GIFs

We take you through every stage of your love life with soccer GIFs because not everyone is a heartless monster like Nigel de Jong.

Valentine’s Day is a time for buying overpriced gifts, spending way too much money on a fancy dinner and pretending everything is just fine in your relationship for just one night. But no matter where you are in your relationship this Valentine’s Day, we have just the soccer GIFs for you.

Nothing matches the emotional highs and lows of love like soccer, whether it’s an unexpected winner or a devastating own goal. From embarrassing first dates to blossoming loves to heartbreaking divorce, there are soccer GIFs for everything you might come across in your love life. 

Whether you’re dating a girl or guy soccer player, you’re both soccer players or you’re alone this Valentine’s Day, these soccer GIFs will take you through all the stages of a relationship.

Your Relationship Explained By Soccer GIFs

When you’re first single, life seems great. You have no attachments, you’re free to go out and do whatever you like, you can get up at 6 a.m. to watch soccer without waking your significant other up and you don’t feel pressure to shave constantly. You love your freedom and you don’t think you’ll ever need to find a relationship.

But then you start seeing your friends in relationships and they seem so happy. You start to second-guess your decision to be single, wondering if it’s time to dip your toes into the dating pool.

These days, just about every relationship starts with a swipe, so you load up Tinder and create a profile. You start off confident and feel assured this will go well.

When you finally get a decent match, you’re feeling pretty good about yourself and you’re excited about the possibilities. 

But then your match doesn’t message you or doesn’t respond to your message and you’re left wondering why they matched with you in the first place. 

Then it happens again, and again, and again. You’re thinking about quitting online dating altogether, maybe adopting a few cats and just being alone forever. 

Finally, you get a good conversation going. You feel a little bit of a connection and you ask your match out on a date because, according to Michael Scott quoting Wayne Gretzky, you miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.

You wait impatiently for a response.

And you never hear from him or her again. 

But you stick with it, because you’re starting to loathe the way your cats look at you when you come home without a second parent for them yet again. Sooner or later you find another suitable match; this time you get to set up a first date.

It starts well, so you start to feel a little flirty. 

You think the first date was spectacular and assume your partner felt the same way, so when you get home that night you ask about setting up a second date, only to get no response from him or her, ever. 

So it’s back to the Tinder, or maybe you switch it up with Bumble. But you’re starting to grow exasperated by the whole process. 

But eventually you stick with it and find another partner to go out with. You even get a second date and you think this might actually stick.

You build up the confidence to go in for that first kiss. The anticipation swells inside you.

And you get shot down.

So it’s back to the Tinder yet again. Or Bumble. Or Farmers Only. Or any app that will give you the opportunity to interact with a warm body that isn’t your judgmental cats. 

Finally, after what feels like ages, you get a match who you really connect with. You don’t even have to feel awkward about the first kiss because it just feels natural. Everything lines up perfectly.

After a few dates, you and your partner begin to build a strong rapport. You get along great and have fantastic chemistry.

Soccer GIFs

When the time is right, be it your first date, third date or 10th date, you and your partner decide it’s time to go for goal. You pass through all the defenses, making sure everything’s safe and you finally score.

You continue to date for a while and eventually your partner invites you over for Thanksgiving with his or her family. You reluctantly agree but at dinner you thoughtlessly bring up politics and it doesn’t go over well.

Fortunately, your partner shares your political views, regardless of what obscenities his or her crazy uncle screamed at you over turkey and pumpkin pie. So you invite your significant other to come to Christmas with your family and he or she agrees, taking your relationship to another level.

Christmas goes well and things are starting to get serious after you smooth things over with your partner’s parents with a lovely Christmas gift. Finally it’s time one of you pops the question. The answer, of course, is yes. 

You and your future spouse start planning the wedding. The stress starts to get to you. You might have a few loud arguments as you try to figure out what shade of red the flowers should be. 

But finally your wedding day comes and it’s a joyous occasion for all involved, even if your significant other didn’t let you invite your roommate from college because he’d just get trash drunk and ruin the wedding.

After the wedding, you get back to the hotel for some wedding night activities. You put up a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door and a good time is had by all.

After the honeymoon, things settle down into a routine. It’s nice at first, but it starts to get a little boring.

One of you decides to spice things up by asking for a ménage à trois. The answer is a surprising yes.

But eventually things start to fizzle out. One of you decides to cheat on the other and, of course, gets caught.

It’s absolutely heartbreaking.

But the two of you work through it, eventually deciding to have children.

It takes months of effort to concieve, but you finally get pregnant right before deciding to give up. 

When your first child is born you hold it aloft like Rafiki celebrating the birth of Simba.

Babies are exhausting and things get stressful, but you and your partner stick through it together.

You have another kid or two and watch them grow up, but you never take it easy on them on the pitch, because that's just good parenting. 

After two decades of having children in the house, you finally send them off to college and have the house to yourselves once again. You start to realize that with the kids gone, so is the spark that was keeping you together. You begin to fight more and more.

Ultimately, you end up filing for divorce. It’s an earthshattering change. 

After a year or so you start to get over the shock of being alone. You load up Tinder once again and start the whole process all over again. 

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