14 Reasons You Should Be Dating A Girl Who Plays Soccer

Are you sick of sitting at home by yourself? Are you tired of watching the weekend soccer games alone on the couch? It’s time to stop being lazy and start being proactive. Find someone who will keep you company and support your sports addiction and what better than an athlete herself?!

Female soccer players are some of the strongest, toughest, and most talented athletes. Not only will you love watching her on the field, you’ll love spending time with her off the field. Who knows you might date the next Hope Solo or Alex Morgan. Here are some of the many reasons you should be dating a girl who plays soccer. 

She's independent

Every guy likes getting attention, but no one wants a clingy girl who’s always on their back about nonsense. Soccer players are independent. They’ve been setting their schedules for years now and have set goals they would like to accomplish. She won’t be checking up on your every move because she’ll be too busy with training sessions, practices, games and life.

She won't be lazy

Soccer players are very active so that means you will be too. She finally has time off from soccer practices and games that she won’t want to spend all day inside on the couch. Even though you like your couch, you love her more, so you leave the couch. Leaving the couch was the best decision because your dates to the beach and mini golf course were the best dates you’ve ever been on. 

She's not high maintenance

Some girls take 3-4 hours to get ready for dinner. No joke, and that’s just dinner. Girls often drown their faces in makeup thinking it will make them look better, but in reality less is more. Soccer girls are naturally pretty and are used to wearing minimal makeup or no makeup at all.

As Drake says, “sweatpants, hair tied, chillin’ with no makeup on that’s when you’re the prettiest, I hope that you don’t take it wrong.” Since you already love her casual look she won’t want to change it and you both won’t have to worry about being late for dinner.


She's in shape

In all honesty, she’s probably in better shape than you. And by probably I mean definitely. Soccer girls work out, train, and lift on top of those everyday practices. Soccer players have some of the most developed legs from all the kicking and running they do on the field. Not only do they have great bodies and muscles, but they also look great in basically anything. All the girls will be admiring her shape and all the dudes will be jealous that she’s all yours. 

She's not scared to get down and dirty

You won’t have to worry about your girlfriend crying over a broken nail or anything along those lines. She’s strong, resilient and ready to take on any adventure. Unlike other girls, she’s happy to do any type of physical activity, which means endless possibilities for dates. Go hiking or go rafting, just make sure you don’t injure your soccer star. 

She's tough

As stated above, female soccer players are not afraid to get down and dirty. These girls will never back away from a player or run away from the ball because she’s simply scared. They play with their heart and leave it all out on the field and just might walk away with a turf burn, bruise or bloody nose. “Pain is temporary, pride is forever.”

She will never ask you to explain the rules

“What does offside mean?” “Why did the ref blow the whistle?” “What happens in overtime?” These are just a few of the many questions a soccer noob would ask.

Now that you’re dating a soccer player you can finally watch the game in peace because she already knows all the rules! No more stupid questions and no more lame comments, nothing but the talk of the game with other die-hard fans. Ah, it’s the little things.


She's not afraid to hang with the boys

There really is nothing worse than your friends hating your girlfriend... unless your girlfriend hates your friends. Then what? You’re forced to pick a side and drop the other? That sounds like a nightmare...

Imagine your friends and girlfriend got along perfectly… they drink together, they hang together, and they even have nicknames for each other. Doesn’t that sound like a dream? Soccer chicks know how to hang around guys, sometimes they even prefer it. They can sit back, relax and focus on things other than makeup and clothes. Now grab her a beer and turn on the game, because that’s all she really wants to do after a long day.

She will watch the games with you

Rain, shine, home or away, she will be prepared to venture to the stadium. It doesn’t matter if you’re watching the game on TV or at a bar because you’ll be watching together. For once your girlfriend will feel involved instead of ignored. No more complaining, just communicating. 

She can teach you some moves

Whether you know how to play soccer or you’re just a fan, you better believe your soccer girlfriend will bring you out to the field to test your skills. Go with just your girlfriend or go with a bunch of your friends, either way you’ll have a ball. You will have the opportunity to play and learn from a pro. She'll teach you how to juggle or how to score or she might just nutmeg you and embarrass you in front of all your friends. Have a laugh because you just got owned by your super talented soccer girlfriend...and let's just say, it won't be the last time!

She won't be annoyed if you check game updates/scores on your phone

For once you won’t have to explain your sports obsession. She gets it, because she has the same obsession. Soccer makes the world go round and no one wants to miss a minute. There are times when you just can’t tune in and you need a plan b. Thankfully we live in a world with technology and cellphones with various apps updating us on every little detail of the game. Checking the scores on your phone won’t start an argument like it did in your last relationship because the truth is she will want to know the scores as much as you do.

She's got style

Athletic wear is becoming more and more popular in our society and turning into everyday wear. Soccer players may not have a ton of options but that doesn’t stop them from looking fly. Not only do they rock their warm ups and uniforms, but they also look stellar in their colorful cleats and team jackets. Style and soccer are two things that go hand and hand.


Sweating is not an issue

It’s a part of life and happens to all of us. Sweating is a given for athletes and the harder they work the more they sweat. Soccer girls are not ashamed of sweating, in fact it gives them satisfaction because it's proof they are pushing their bodies and working hard out there. Just because they don’t mind the sweat doesn’t mean they smell bad. In reality, they still smell better than other people out there. They are always prepared with the necessary products and shower 1-2 times a day or after every workout. 

You share the same man crushes

Your girlfriend is bound to have some major soccer crushes, regardless of who she is. And that’s fine with you because you are guilty of having the same crushes! Don’t worry, you don’t need to keep them a secret, there's no judgment, because in all honesty, is there anyone out there who isn’t attracted to soccer players?!?!

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