Netflix Has A New Soccer Show And It'll Knock Your Socks Off

Even though the world is slowly opening back up and soccer is reemerging onto the TV again, I’m sure everyone is dying to watch the game, no matter how.

No amount of soccer watching is going to make up for the three months of drought. We’ll watch anything to get our blood rushing again — I’m certainly entertained by the best cat goalie

But with this next phase of quarantine, we’re gonna need something a little more hearty. Luckily, Netflix has our back. Like always.

A show called “Especial 20 años de Fútbol de Primera” launched onto the streaming site back in May. It’s a celebration of the show “Fútbol de Primera,” which was a broadcast of the fútbol matches of the Argentine Primera División.

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There are two episodes, both at about an hour run time. In this reboot, we get to see the highlights from the last two decades, starting in 1985 and finishing in the early 2000s.

The show gives us the most heartbreaking and memorable stories on the pitch. 

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