Guy gets soaked while recording a beer fight between two lady fans in the Azteca Stadium

América fans were fuming last weekend after a painful 3-0 defeat vs. Pachuca. The azulcremas had a terrible display in the Azteca Stadium and supporters showed their discontent by booing goalkeeper Óscar Jiménez and chanting against coach Fernando Ortiz.

The temperature was so high that – maybe pushed or triggered by the bad result on the scoreboard – two irritated ladies decided to release their tension, engaging in a wet, sticky beer fight once the game was over.

Women having a beer fight in the Azteca Stadium

The quarrel occurred in the VIP area of the stadium and was caught on video by another fan sitting in the stands. 

In the clip, we don't see what causes the fight, but it's clear from the insults that the women are not good friends and never will be. 

If you are curious, "you're a damn slut," "yes, I am a damn slut, very slut," and "fuck your ass" are part of the abusive repertoire you can hear in the video while beer starts to be thrown in several directions, including the face of one of the women involved in the scuffle. 

Eventually, the security personnel decided to act, taking one of the women out. However, before leaving the stands, she was able to turn back, take another glass of beer and throw it right at the guy recording the fight, who cuts the video showing his face and asks himself, "and what did I do?"

God bless Liga MX.

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