Erling Haaland honors women on International Women’s Day… with a crossword puzzle

International Women’s Day was on Wednesday and the world celebrated by recognizing loved ones and highlighting the accomplishments of extraordinary women. Manchester City and Norweigian star Erling Haaland had a much different and interesting way to celebrate women on Wednesday.

There were several different routes Haaland could have chosen. Perhaps he wanted to thank his mom for everything she’s done for him and celebrate her career as a Norwegian heptathlon champion. 

Another thing Haaland could’ve done for the day is shoutout fellow Norweigan star and Ballon d’Or winner Ada Hegerberg.

While these are good options, Haaland chose something way out of left field for International Women’s Day. He posted a word search with a hidden message for the women of the world. In his caption he called it a crossword puzzle.

Erling Haaland crossword puzzle post


The word search is extremely difficult as you don’t even know which words you’re supposed to be looking for. After no one was able to get the right answer, he followed up by posting the cheat sheet.

Erling Haaland Crossword Puzzle

“You all make the world a much better place.”

How sweet.

Haaland intends well but I think we can all have a laugh about how strange of a post this was. We’re not sure if this was his idea or someone from his PR team trying something. For the record we never figured out what the message was until he showed the answer. Thought for the longest time that “call” was one of the words.

He wasn’t the only soccer player to post something on Wednesday that made us laugh. Angel City forward Sydney Leroux continued her International Women’s Day tradition of posting a photo of her two kids while scratching out the face of her son.

She does this every year and people still fall for it.

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