Trevor Noah Nails His Hilarious Commentary On Fox’s World Cup Commentary

Comedy Central’s The Daily Show host Trevor Noah is a soccer fan. The native of South Africa is watching the World Cup for the first time as a resident in the United States. And the Trevor Noah World Cup commentary on Fox commentators is spot on.

Fox has received a lot of hate from Americans used to the high quality commentary we’ve seen from ESPN over the last couple decades when it comes to World Cup commentators. We’ve ranked the commentators here, noting that few of the broadcasters compare favorably to ESPN’s 2014 lineup. 

But in one short between-the-scenes clip from The Daily Show, the Trevor Noah World Cup commentary hilariously and accurately describes Fox’s broadcasters.

The Latino broadcaster Noah is referring to is most likely Jorge Perez-Navarro, who has delighted and enraged viewers across the country with his wacky calls. We ranked him No. 2 among Fox’s broadcast pairings. 

Personally, I’d like to see some Trevor Noah World Cup commentary during a match. Fox, get on this — he would be a great addition to the nightly recap show.

This wasn't the first time The Daily Show talked about the World Cup this summer. Check out these two World Cup videos from the Comedy Central show. Or don't. I don't really care.  

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