Soccer's Terrible Owners...Who Is The Most Controversial?

Most owners are controversial in their own right. Nobody likes to see their club taken over by people who probably just see it as another item for their financial portfolio.

But next time you start to complain, pause for a second, and be glad your club doesn't have these terrible owners. 


The 5 Worst Football Club Owners In The World

5. Maurizio Zamparini - Palermo

terrible owners

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Once said that he would personally execute each member of his squad if they did not improve. 

"If my players keep being s---, I will cut off their testicles, and eat them in my salad.

Jesus man. Calm down. Besides his psychotic tendencies, Zamparini has also proved himself to be one of a handful of terrible owners by going through 30 managers in 13 years. He's also currently embroiled in a tax evasion scandal (who isn't these days?), and has voted to suspend the Serie A season in response.

4. Zeljko Raznatovic a.k.a 'Arkan'- FK Obilic 

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A notorious warlord and career criminal buys a club. What could go wrong? Arkan took the club to the national championship, but reports surfaced that he had used his criminal contacts to threaten other teams. One player was locked in a garage to prevent him from playing. This is a man who was feared by Slobodan Milosevic, then Serbian leader, and was assassinated in 2000. Yeesh. You think your clubs have terrible owners. 


3. Gigi Becali - Steaua Bucharest 

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As far as terrible owners go, Becali is up there for sure. He's not just a bad owner, he's a terrible person. For starters, Becali has a painting of himself as Jesus in his home, according to the Guardian. That should give you some idea of where we're going with this. He was recently sentenced for kidnapping (although he got off with a slap on the wrist) and is massively homophobic, xenophobic (anything-phobic, really) and once refused to sit with the President of Ajax because his shoes were too cheap. He's like a Sasha Baron Cohen character, but unfortunately, this is no comedy. This is all real my friends.

2. Jesus Gil - Atletico Madrid 

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Gil probably holds the record for number of managers fired in 17 years (39), and for the number of court cases faced (literally hundreds). He was a big man with a big mouth, who once rode an elephant around town after an Atletico win, and also wished their plane to crash after a defeat against Las Palmas. An apartment building of his collapsed, killing 58 people, after it was built with no architect, surveyor or really any planning at all. He scrapped the youth team because there was no point (one that had Real Madrid legend, Raul, on it we might add). All of these things make him part of the terrible owners club, but it sure was terribly entertaining.

1. Silvio Berlusconi - AC Milan

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In truth, you probably saw this coming. The king of all terrible owners. The former Italian Prime Minister, who recently was sentenced for tax fraud and having sex with an underage prostitute, deserves his title as the most terrible owner. Berlusconi is the majority owner of Italy's biggest media company, and owns a decent amount of the written press as well. He has been accused of embezzlement, tax fraud, false accounting and bribery, but had escaped conviction until 2012. It's also fair to say that Berlusconi has a little bit of a weakness when it comes to women. Besides the prostitute that he was just convicted of being involved with, there are the infamous bunga bunga parties. These parties, according to accounts, are basically wild sex flings, complete with cos-play and stripper poles. He is a man who is never short of controversy, and for that matter, his Milan team aren't doing very well either. Congratulations Silvio, you are far and away the most terrible owner. 

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