This Dog Is Premier League Manager Material

We saw a video of a dog digging a hole, and it reminded us of Premier League managers.

Watch this video of a very guilty dog and meet me on the other side.

This dog is going to be the next manager of Crystal Palace. Book that sh*t. Just imagine the press conferences:

Journalist: When you dug that hole, what was the purpose of that?

Dog: Hole? What hole?

Journalist: The one that you dug. We all watched you.

Dog: I did not dig a hole. I am a good boy. Yes I am.

Journalist: This isn't about whether you are a good boy. We just want to know about the hole, which you dug.

Dog: You think you know more about holes than me? You are some kind of hole expert and I am just a simpleton? You think you can do my job?

Journalist: There is video of you digging a hole.

Dog: I did not see any hole, the referee probably put it there.

Journalist: No, we watched you dig it.

Dog: I have had enough of you journalists. You are all out to get me. There is no such hole.

Journalist: We just want your opinion on the hole.

Dog: The hole was clearly offside. The referees are out to get me.

Journalist: So you admit there was a hole?

Dog: I did not see it, I will have to watch the tape.

(H/T @dog_rates)

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