Nicolas Cage Is In A Movie Called "Arsenal"

Nicolas Cage's new film "Arsenal" is ostensibly not about the soccer team of the same name, but we found some parallels.

Nicolas Cage is making/has made a movie called Arsenal, which, from the trailer, you might not think is about soccer, specifically not about the North London-based EPL team of the same name.

But it is.

For a non-soccer, more Nicolas Cage-focused take on the trailer, read UPROXX's Brian Grubb on the subject.

We're here to talk about soccer, though. You know what I just realized? This movie is absolutely about Arsenal. It's an Arsenal Fan TV meltdown but instead of drunk North Londoners it has Nicolas Cage dressed as Ben Stiller's character in Anchorman.

I bet Cage is "Wenger in" and that's why the guy from Entourage and the other guy and John Cusack wearing a backwards hat are mad at him. You see, they are "Wenger out". They think Nicolas Cage and his ilk are holding Arsenal back from winning the Premier League and even the Champions League.


Pay close attention to the sequence when Cusack is like, "look at me, are you lying to me?" and then the guy from Entourage is like, "don't lie to me!" and then Cusack is like, "have you lost your mind?"

That's Arsenal Fan TV when they found out they drew Bayern Munich in the UCL again.

Prediction: Arsenal finishes third or fourth at the Oscars then gets bounced from the awards show Champions League in the first knockout round by a foreign film that takes place in Munich.

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