Watch Connor Shaughnessy Give Away A Penalty By Turning Gary Madine Into The Great Cornholio

Fun times in the English Championship.

Good news: Beavis & Butthead has finally caught on in England. We know this has happened because in a Championship match between Bolton Wanderers and Leeds United Leeds midfielder Connor Shaughnessy gave away a penalty when he demonstrated his Beavis & Butthead fandom by turning Bolton's Gary Madine into The Great Cornholio.

Did Madine at least manage one "I am Cornholio!" before the play was blown dead? Gosh, I sure hope so.

It's nice that Leeds managed to win 3-2 even though they gave away a goal for the sake of making an A+ pop culture reference. A joke is nothing without commitment, and it's nice to see some appreciation for Mike Judge's early work.

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