Cristian Galano's Bicycle Kick Winner Against Parma Means It's Officially Cup Magic Season

Bari's Cristian Galano eliminated Parma from the Coppa Italia with a sweet bicycle kick.

One of the best parts of the beginning of the European club season is CUP MAGIC. CUP MAGIC occurs when SMALL CLUBS DO BIG THINGS. The most common example of CUP MAGIC is a small club taking down a big club, but CUP MAGIC can happen in any cup match in which a small club happens to be playing.

In the Coppa Italia yesterday, Serie B clubs Bari and Parma faced off, and Bari's Cristian Galano demonstrated CUP MAGIC with an outrageous 90th minute bicycle kick winner.

This is the sort of goal I bet Galano dreamed about when he was a youngster, except when he was a youngster he was probably dreaming about scoing such a goal for a much larger club, like Juventus or AC Milan, and in the Champions League final, not an early round of the Coppa Italia.

Nevertheless, this goal was amazing, and it's nice to know that CUP MAGIC is alive and well.

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