The Ultimate Own Goal: Off The Face, Off The Cross Bar, In For The Goal

The keeper made the save, and it was all downhill from there in this hilarious 10 second video.

Maybe this is more a commentary on the human condition than any real insight into what we find funny or not, but there is just something about a person getting hit in the face with a ball that is indescribably, incomparably hilarious. Maybe it’s the look of shock on his or her face in the moment just before impact, or how it contorts in the most ridiculous ways during and after. It’s a shame we have no close up in this next video. We are sure it would have been gold. 

You know, we always say that the best way to score a goal is off the cross bar and in, and now we just might have to give that method the crown in the kingdom of own goals. The ball careens off that poor defender’s face and into the upper-90 with such purpose. It’s like the love child of Shaolin Soccer and The Three Stooges; slap-stick with power and grace. On that note, was it coordinated? Of course not, but what will really gets us going is whether or not it would have been more impressive if it was.  

…yes, yes it would have been.  

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