Lucas Moura Just Went Arya Stark On Ajax And We’re Still Squealing

(This article contains Game of Thrones spoilers up to Season 8, Episode 4.)

Down two goals, three on aggregate, with 45 minutes to play, Tottenham Hotspur looked at Champions League death and said: “Not today.”

When everything looked bleak, with no hope of survival, Lucas Moura, the quick, crafty Brazilian winger, often overlooked, dragged Spurs back into contention with two goals in four minutes.

But the night was coming and Tottenham was running out of time. Ajax, the unstoppable force that swept past Real Madrid and Juventus like an ice dragon tearing down the Wall, was still attacking, striking the post and nearly delivering the knockout blow countless times. 

And then, in the sixth minute of what was supposed to be five minutes of added time, Lucas went all Arya Stark on Ajax.

Out of nowhere, the Spurs No. 27 appeared with the ball in the box and dug a dagger deep into the heart of Ajax like a vanquished Night King. 

We don’t know how Arya or Lucas got where they needed to be in the final moment, but it was glorious.

And like the White Walkers following the Night King, all Ajax players fell to the floor, defeated.

Tottenham vs Ajax Second Leg Highlights

Screenshot: TNT

Remarkably, down three goals with 45 minutes to play, Tottenham lives to fight another day.

Spurs are battered and bruised but not beaten, having faced down the greatest challenge in the history of the club.

But the battle is not over. 

Tottenham will face Liverpool on June 1 in the Champions League final at the Wanda Metropolitano in Madrid, the second ever Champions League final featuring two Premier League clubs (2008 between Chelsea and Manchester United). (Spurs also played Wolves in the 1972 UEFA Cup final.)

Liverpool will be ready, waiting with what could be a Premier League-winning team, pending Sunday’s results. The Reds have had their own battles to get to this point, providing its own epic comeback against Barcelona on Tuesday despite countless injuries to major players. 

Liverpool will be getting healthier; the question will be if Spurs can get their healthy dragon back in Harry Kane or rush into battle still wounded like Daenerys’ ill-advised charge on King’s Landing. 

No matter how it ends and who ends up on the throne, we just hope Steve Nash isn’t the one making the call on TV.

Tottenham vs Ajax Second Leg Highlights

Ajax Goal — Matthijs de Light, 5’ (1-0 Ajax, 2-0 aggregate)

Ajax Goal — Hakim Ziyech, 35’ (2-0 Ajax, 3-0 aggregate)

Spurs Goal — Lucas, 55’ (2-1 Ajax, 3-1 aggregate)

Spurs Goal — Lucas, 59’ (2-2, 3-2 Ajax aggregate)

Spurs Goal — Lucas, 96 (3-2, 3-3 aggregate, Spurs advances on away goals)

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