Top Celebrity Fans Of Premier League Clubs

With the international break over, we’re back in full swing this EPL season. The break came at a tough time for fans eager to see their offseason acquisitions on the pitch. It got us thinking, aside from the normal, loyal, sort-of-psychotic fans, who else is getting excited for this season’s action? And so, here's a look at some of the most famous celebrities to root for teams in the English Premier League.  


The Gunners hold the fanship of plenty of celebrities. It's tough to chose, but we’re going to give the nod to badass Idris Elba. If you've seen the show Luther, you know exactly why. Also on the TV show The Wire, Elba is a world class fan. He is also pals with Thierry Henry and brought Charlize Theron to the Emirates. He's been a fan since his teenage years and loves the Gunners through and through. Piers Morgan was a close second. He takes to Twitter whenever Arsenal is in the news and, as you know, isn’t scared to state his opinion. He’s extremely negative, but as a true fan you can follow him here.

Honorable Mentions: Mick Jagger, Bill Clinton, The Queen, Prince Harry and Jackie Chan

Idris Elba has been a Gooner since he was a kid. (Photo:@idriselba4bond | Twitter)

Idris Elba has been a Gooner since he was a kid. (Photo:@idriselba4bond | Twitter)

Aston Villa:

Castaway vs Royalty. It’s a tough choice for who takes the throne as “coolest Aston Villa fan,” but we’re going to have to chose Prince William. The Duke of Cambridge spoke adamantly about his son, Prince George becoming a Villan and added, “When Villa thrash Man U at Villa Park, my son will be there.” Sorry Tom Hanks, he seems pretty serious.

Honorable Mentions: Tom Hanks, Ozzy Osbourne

Prince William at an Astona Villa match. (Photo:@KateWillfan | Twitter)


“You’re my boy blue!” Will Ferrell wasn’t just talking about Joseph “Blue” Pulaski. Ricky Bobby is a known soccer afficianado (see the video below as evidence of both his fandom and recent exploits in the sport) and is said to be a long time Chelsea supporter. He was on the Daily Show sporting a Chelsea kit and was even made a honorary captain for Chelsea on the 2009 preseason tour.

Honorable Mentions: Michael Caine, Bill Clinton

Crystal Palace:

Despite being in the Champions League from 2005-2013, the Eagles have a good assortment of celebrity fans. Eddie Izzard, comedian and actor has supported Palace since 1969 and became an associate director at Selhurst Park in 2012.

Honorable Mentions: Richard Branson, Bill Wyman


It took a while for Merseysider and Beatle Paul McCartney to come clean about which side he supported, but in 2008 Everton’s official website claimed Sir Paul was a full blown Toffee. “It is always lovely for me to go back to Liverpool and play for the home crowd. I am looking forward to that, it should be cool, even though I am an Everton fan officially - when it comes to the crunch, my Dad was born in Everton.” It’s an easy choice for coolest fan.

Honorable Mention: Sylvester Stallone, Nate Dogg

Paul McCartney on his way into Wembley Stadium in 1968 for the FA Cup Final bewteen Everton and West Brom. (Photo: @VintageFooty | Twitter)

Hull City:

Omar Sharif takes this one uncontested.

Honorable Mentions: None, because their aren’t actually Hull fans out there.  


The Reds have a plethora of supporters to choose from. We’re going to have to go with Daniel Craig here. Not only is it tough to compete with James Bond, but Craig (who makes his way to Anfield when he can) had his mother deny free tickets from Sir Alex Ferguson to watch Manchester United. Typical 007. He was even personally nominated by Brendan Rogers to participate in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Honorable Mentions: Samuel L. Jackson, Bradgelina, Clive Owen, Lebron James, Lana Del Rey

Manchester City:

Noel Gallagher of Oasis takes the honor of being Manchester City’s coolest fan. Gallagher is a lifelong supporter of City and admitted to “crying like a baby” when they won the Premier League. He also unveiled the new Umbro kits for the club in 2012 with Vincent Kompany.

Honorable Mentions: Liam Gallagher, Ricky Hatton

Noel Gallagher In A Manchester City Jersey

As usual, Noel Gallagher has found a way to steal the spotlight from brother Liam. (Photo: @DatosFutbolPY | Twitter)

Manchester United:

Being the biggest club in the world, the Red Devils have plenty of celebs to choose from. It’s tough to go against someone who has the coolest title on earth: The Worlds Fastest Man. Usian Bolt is an avid United fan and even offered parental advice to Prince William urging him not to raise his son as a Villan. The Olympic champion in the 100 meters and 200 meters once stated he would love to play for the club once he retires from sprinting. Check out his plea to David Moyes last season for a creative midfielder.

Honorable Mentions: Justin Timberlake, Rory Mcllroy

Newcastle United:

Like Northeast friends Hull City, The Magpies don’t have a very big celebrity following. But AC/DC’s Brian Johnson isn’t one to leave out. He even almost became an investor and board member of the club because he was worried how it was being run. He ended up turning the offer down, but Johnson will forever be “Back in Black.. and White” in James Park. I’ll show myself out.

Honorable Mentions: Sting 


Another team that is thin on celebrity talent. Season ticket holder and Coldplay drummer Will Champion is a diehard Saint’s fan. Good Luck this season Will

Honorable Mentions: Craig David

Stoke City:

Surprisingly, Stoke has a good little list of celebrity fans, led by Sugar Ray Leonard. The boxer appeared at Britannia Stadium back in 2008 and saw The Potters lose to Chelsea 2-0.

Honorable Mentions: Busta Rhymes, Slash, Morgan Spurlock 

Sugar Ray Leonard at a Stoke match back in 2008. (Photo:@NicSim69 | Twitter)

Swansea City:

Catherine Zeta Jones tops the list of Swansea fans. Their League Cup victory overshadowed the Oscars for her. She is also the only other Swansea City fan out there.

Honorable Mentions: Michael Douglas because he has to be.


This London club has a good amount of famous supporters as well. We are going to go with singer Adele, who was born in Tottenham . She was at the 2012 match which saw the Spurs lose in the FA semifinal to Chelsea, but when Adele won eight Grammy Awards in 2012, the club made her a number 8 jersey and sent it to her. She should have some good material for her next album with the Spurs repeated failure to finish inside the top 4.

Honorable Mentions: Jude Law, Ray Liotta 

Adele in the stands cheering on Tottenham. (Photo: Capital FM)  

West Bromwich Albion:

Londoner and Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood says he is a Baggie because his brother loves the squad. He went on saying, “West Brom were big in the fifties. It’s a bit like my boys now supporting Arsenal and Chelsea.” I bet you wished you supported those clubs Ronnie.

Honorable Mentions: Eric Clapton 

West Ham United:

Don’t sleep on Barry O! Barack Obama rounds out our celebrity fans of the EPL. According to the Daily Telegraph President Obama has been a fan of the Hammers since the early 90s when he went to a game to see them play. We don’t know if it’s true but we’re going to go with it.

Honorable Mentions: Andy Murray, Russell Brand, Lennox Lewis

There's no pictures of President Obama cheering on West Ham, so this creepy Andy Murray picture will have to do. (Photo:@CavortingCraigo | Twitter)

There's no pictures of President Obama cheering on West Ham, so this creepy Andy Murray picture will have to do. (Photo:@CavortingCraigo | Twitter)

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