From Rock Bottom To The Top Flight: Documentary On Swansea A Must See

Fan of sports documentaries? We got a new one for you. "Jack to a King - The Swansea Story" is a documentary about the football club's rise from nearly out of business to the glamor of the Premier League, directed by Welsch filmmaker Marc Evans.

Back in 2001, the club was millions of pounds in debt and was sold for a nominal £1 fee to a group of businessmen. Tony Petty was at the helm of the club for a tumultuous three months, which included his plan to release six of the clubs top players to cut costs. Supporters ended up stepping in to stop Petty's destruction of the club.

The team was then sold to the Nurse Consortium, which was supported by the clubs fans. From that point on, their climb back to the Premier League was underway. The Swans finally made it to the top tier league in 2011, a decade after their near extinction. Check out the trailer below:

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