Nike Signs 9-Year-Old Prodigy Shane Kluivert, Son Of Former Barca Star Patrick

Patrick Kluivert's 9-year-old son Shane has just signed a five-year deal with Nike. The youngest Kluivert has already made a name for himself with a massive social media following that includes 130K followers on Instagram and his own Youtube channel. Oh, and he’s also not bad at football.

Nike is smart to sign the skillful and savvy youngster, but Shane’s still got a lot to live up to. His father, Patrick, won two Champions League titles and a couple Eredivisie titles with Ajax. He also played for AC Milan, Newcastle United and Barcelona.


Shane’s older brother Justin is already furthering the Kluivert family name. The 18-year-old debuted for Ajax in January, scored his first goal in March and also made an appearance in Ajax’s Europa League final match against Manchester United.

Little Shane’s time in the world football limelight starts now. He's going to be quite the busy elementary schooler as he juggles Nike brand meetings, catering to his thousands of followers, training and, of course, getting homework done. It seems the Kluiverts have some magical genes though, so if any 9-year-old could do it, it's Shane.

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