Bob Bradley Is Here To Put LAFC On The Map By Wearing A Snapback

With new manager Bob Bradley and part-owner Will Ferrell on the scene, LAFC is quickly becoming the go-to soccer club for today's youths. Snapchat!

Los Angeles FC is cool. Los Angeles FC is hip. Los Angeles FC is new and here to vaccuum up social media audiences and youth attention spans. They are so ahead of the game. Their brand is just so goddamn strong, they are going to take over MLS and the internet and various apps.

Look at their announcement for new manager Bob Bradley and tell me their brand promise is not being fulfilled.

It's the hat that makes it. The type of hat young people wear! Being worn by a soccer coach! Like our Facebook page! Follow us on Instagram! Apps!


Not only do they have the man who is too old to be hanging out at the skate park as their new manager, but LAFC have professional silly man Will Ferrell as a part owner. It's only a matter of time before the Red Hot Chili Peppers show up. The viral content makes itself, really. Now they just need some, you know, players, because they currently only have two. We hear Neymar is looking for a move, and his Instagram is pretty fire.

The rest of MLS is on notice: LAFC is coming and they will not hesitate to use the power of coolness to take your coveted teenage audiences. And they are not being very "despacito" about it. Am I right? Spotify!

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