Watch America’s Guido Rodriguez Kick Rubens Sambueza In The Face

Former Club America star Rubens Sambueza got an unexpected souvenir when Toluca hosted Las Aguilas.

We all know breakups can be tough. One day everything is hunky-dory, next thing you know your sweet heart leaves you and you're faced with running into them in public. 

So what do you do? Greet them naturally? Pretend you don’t see them? Stare at them, tears in your eyes, for 90 minutes? Club America opted to kick their ex-star in the face.

That’s right. Former Club America star Rubens Sambueza was wildly kicked in the face by his compatriot Guido Rodriguez.

Some may remember Sambueza as being rather undisciplined and at times outright violent when playing for America. While playing for Las Aguilas, Sambueza got sent off ten times. 


Although "Sambu” was one of the latest idols for America fans, many thought it was time for him to leave after he saw red in the Liga MX final against Tigres last December.

On those grounds, some may say Rubens Sambueza getting kicked in the face by Guido Rodríguez was pure karma. Just look at poor Sambueza’s face after the kick.

Rubens Sambueza's face after the kick.

Rubens Sambueza kicked in the face by Guido Rodríguez. Photo: @90MinutosMexico | Twitter

However, America manager Miguel Herrera should be worried that in Guido Rodriguez he has yet another wildly undisciplined player. In his first season as an America player, Rodriguez has seen three red cards, two of them in the league and one in the cup. 

Guido Rodriguez got a red card after kicking Sambueza in the face.

Club America bad boy Guido Rodriguez. Photo: @LuzFernandz11 | Twitter

 Luckily for Club America, by the time Rodríguez was sent off they were already ahead 2-0 and ultimately managed to win the game 2-1.

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