Player Celebrates Norwegian Cup Victory By Putting Junk In Trophy

Lillestrom's Aleksander Melgavis Andreassean celebrated his team's Norwegian Cup victory by stripping naked and holding the trophy in front of his privates.

As far as I know, there is no actual manual for celebrating victories, but if there was, Lillestrom defender Aleksander Melgalvis Andreassean violated (hah, that's a joke, you'll see what I mean) every rule contained therein.

Here is a delightful little blurb from The Telegraph:

Andreassean, 28, decided to strip naked during Lillestrom's trophy parade on Monday evening before using the silverware to cover his genitals while fans and teammates watched on. 

Like I said, there's no rulebook, but if there was "don't strip naked and use the trophy as the proverbial fig leaf to hide your nether regions" would probably be on page one. And it would probably be bolded.

Like, do something else. Literally anything else. Run over the trophy with a bus. Toss it into an active volcano. Tell the trophy you love it then grow cool and distant immediately after. Treat the trophy to a night of passion then not call it ever again. Do not strip naked and hold the trophy in front of your crotch. That is just gross. 

Nobody tell Rob Gronkowski about this.

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