Oh No, Vuvuzelas Are Back At The World Cup

John Green, author of “The Fault in Our Stars,” delightful YouTube talent and shameless Liverpool supporter, may want to be careful about what he wishes for — vuvuzelas are back.

During the Uruguay-Egypt match to start Friday’s World Cup action, during which there were a lot of empty seats in the middle of the park, likely where wealthy Russians should be sitting, Green lamented about the atmosphere.

A couple hours later, as Morocco played Iran, his nostalgia morphed into the mind-numbing hum of vuvuzelas back at the World Cup after annoying the world in 2010. 

It appears the Iranian fans were the culprits. 

Embed from Getty Images

Green apologized for his tweet, but it won’t get the noise out of our heads.

We had hoped the noise-maker of the World Cup would be something less annoying like these weird Russian spoons but, at least while Iran is playing, be prepared for more bees. 

Maybe that's why Fox decided to send only two of its broadcasting duos to Russia, to avoid hearing loss?

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