Should Neymar Be Sanctioned For His Antics?

Neymar antics are a controversial subject. 

The question of whether Brazil’s superstar should be punished for his constant feigning, flopping and deceitful attitude leaves no one indifferent.

There are two sides to the story. First, you've got perhaps the most skilled player at dribbling who gets fouled, well, a lot. He is in fact the most fouled player of this World Cup thus far and is therefore considered to be a victim. 

One of the only resources Neymar has, some would say, is to exaggerate whenever he is tackled seeking to get opponents booked or sent off so he can keep them from fouling and possibly injuring him.

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One the other side, there is the impression Neymar quite simply likes to unfairly deceive the ref and provoke rivals so his team can take advantage. 

Simulating is a serious disregard of fair play.

Faking fouls is not only to pretend in order to get free kicks and penalties. To simulate as blatantly as Neymar does is also to provoke rivals with the intention of making them lose their minds, become violent and end up seeing a red card.

Mexico’s Miguel Layún certainly risked being sent off on Monday after he lightly stomped on Neymar while the Brazilian was lying, as he usually does, on the floor.

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The New York Times recently labeled Neymar as both sublime and ridiculous for his play-acting.

Also, major soccer legends like Alan Shearer and Peter Schmeichel expressed their contempt earlier this week as Neymar became soccer’s antagonist in the Brazil vs Mexico Round of 16 game. 

They called Neymar’s behavior “disgraceful” to the sport and even urged FIFA to take action and punish the Paris Saint-Germain attacker to get him to stop faking. Schmeichel even suggested Neymar was setting a terrible example for kids around the planet watching the game.

Moreover, he regretted that FIFA even named Neymar Player of the Match in spite of his dishonest behavior.

People in Mexico were enraged because after Brazil took the lead with a Neymar goal, he spent more time rolling on the floor than actually playing.

Then, of course, Neymar provided the assist for La Canarinha’s second goal, proving he was the most decisive player of the match. 

Nevertheless, El Tri coach Juan Carlos Osorio expressed his anger at the fact that so much time was lost due to a single player.

However, even people in Brazil are said to dislike Neymar on grounds of his taste for dramatics and cheating.

On the bright side, the Neymar antics result in quite hilarious memes and comments on social media.

There is no doubt Neymar is presently one of the planet’s best players. His skill, accuracy and finesse are a delight to see.

However, a large shadow weighs on the Brazilian star as a result of his anti-fair-game disposition.

The world of football knows a player with the talent of Neymar should not, and indeed would not, need to recur to such low tricks to take advantage.

Other great players like Uruguay’s Luis Suárez are also notorious for their constant faking and dirty game — biting, really? 

His skill is more than enough to put the world in awe.

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Now that VAR is in full swing, it should be easier to determine when a player is faking in order to take advantage or provoke rivals.

My opinion is FIFA should take action to exemplarily sanction not only Neymar antics but those of any player who constantly attempts to deceive the referee.

Soccer fans and players around the planet deserve to be granted a fair game and honest competition.

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