Miguel Herrera Has A New Job!

The world seems a little bit nicer place today. The sun shines a little brighter. The sky looks a little bluer. People seem a little nicer. All is right in the universe. Miguel Herrera is back.

What can we say about El Piojo that hasn't already been said? The man is simply a legend, with the best goal celebrations (sorry Jurgen Klopp), the best journalist feuds (to my knowledge, Jose Mourinho has never actually punched any of the British press), the best everything. He is Miguel Herrera and he is magic, to our knowledge the only football manager capable of going Super Saiyan.

After being fired from the Mexico National Team after reportedly punching a journalist he was feuding with, Miguel Herrera has found a new place to coach soccer and celebrate goals like only he can: Club Tijuana of Liga MX.

This tweet is technically accurate, even though Miguel Herrera's home isn't technically Tijuana. His home is everywhere. He belongs to everyone, a cultural treasure. Jost as the Beatles transcended Liverpool, Miguel Herrera has transcended Mexico. And soccer. And time and space and the universe. OK, we are getting a little carried away here but this is fantastic news for people who are not a grumpy troll whose only purpose in life is to suck the fun out of the enjoyable things in life. Viva Miguel.

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