Jermaine Jones Tells Who Would Be The Best And Worst At Yoga On The USMNT

German-American midfielder Jermaine Jones is a yoga practitioner, and he lets us know who in the USMNT would be good and bad at it.

As a tool to build flexibility and rehab from injuries, Jermaine Jones sometimes takes to yoga. He's become so enmeshed in the yoga world that he has become the host of a yoga DVD called "Yoga for Conditioning" by yoga company Gaiam.

We asked Jones, a USMNT and New England Revolution standout, who the best and worst yoga practitioners would be on the USMNT. The best:

"I would say one of the goalkeepers maybe, on the stretch, I would say maybe Tim Howard, goal keepers, they’re like really stretchable." Jones said.

This is not surprising at all, as keepers are the only players whose basic job descriptions call for flexibility in the extreme. But what about the worst?

"One-hundred percent Jozy Altidore."

"If I see him in a training session when we stretch, he cannot get down and touch his toes, so, that would be a big problem for him," Jones said. "He’s the kind of guy who would say 'no, I don’t need that.'"

We have to be honest, we are not totally surprised by this answer either. And Jozy, there's no shame in not being able to touch your toes buddy. We can't do it either.

To learn more about Jermaine Jones's yoga program click here.

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