This Video Illustrates Just How Unbelievably Good Messi Is In Tight Spaces

Messi is amazing at everything, but the thing he's most amazing at is wriggling out of tight spaces. As the best player in the world, he constantly finds himself surrounded by three to five members of the other team who have no qualms about getting all up in his personal space. This does not seem to bother Messi as much as it should. It would bother us a lot, and we are not even claustrophobic.

To illustrate just how good Messi is at navigating very small spaces, here's eight minutes of Messi doing exactly that.

It's tough to break down how exacly Messi is able to maneuver around like he does because I don't know. I just don't know. It shouldn't be possible and yet he does it all the time. Lionel Messi is not human. That is my conclusion. He is a shape-shifter.

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