Imke Wübbenhorst, First Woman Coach In Germany's Top 5 Leagues, Brilliantly Responds To Sexist Question

Imke Wübbenhorst became the first woman to coach in Germany's top five leagues, joining BV Cloppenburg after a professional playing career. She can also add G.O.A.T. to her running resume after her amazing clap back to a sexist question.

Ada Hegerberg being asked to twerk after winning the Ballon d'Or and Imke Wübbenhorst being asked if her players have to put pants on before she enters the locker room are two dumb questions everyone, specifically men, should learn from.

Both ladies handled themselves well, but Wübbenhorst definitely had the best response. 

"Of course not," Wübbenhorst replied. "I'm a professional. I pick my team on penis length."

Sorry to those players that find themselves on the bench, looks like you came up short. 

Wübbenhorst played professionally with and coached BV Cloppenburg in the 2. Bundesliga. The men's side currently plays in the fifth tier of German football. 

Shoutout to all the women standing up for the game we love.

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