Winning The Championship League Is More Valuable Than Winning The Champions League

With the Champions League final and EFL Championship Playoff final all happening in the space of a few hours, soccer fans will be glued to their TVs, anxious to see who wins each game. In one, a team will be crowned King of Europe. In the other, a a team will be promoted to the Premier League again. But how much is at stake for winning the Championship Playoffs versus the Champions League final?

While they are completely different games, one has a much more significant financial gain compared to the other – and believe it or not, it's the EFL Championship Playoff final.

How Much For Winning The Championship Playoffs vs Champions League? (2018)

Champions League Final Winnings = $55 million

Championship Playoff Final Winnings = $212 million (with promotion to Premier League)

So here's the breakdown: The winner of the EFL Championship Playoffs, either Aston Villa or Fulham, will pocket around a cool $212 million. Whichever side wins the match will need every cent of that to help make themselves competitive in the Premier League next season. The Champions League winner receives around $55 million. In the transfer landscape today, that might buy you the big toe on Lionel Messi’s foot, but probably not. 

Obviously the prestige of winning the UEFA Champions League final is much bigger than winning the Championship Playoffs. Real Madrid have the chance to win for the third season in a row, while Liverpool are looking to repeat the outcome of that night in Istanbul thirteen years ago. 

Prestige aside, for fans of Fulham and Aston Villa, the EFL Championship Playoff final is vitally important. Being back in the Premier League is more than just being in the top league in England. With the Premier League's latest TV deals, the money that teams in EPL earn has skyrocketed. There is a significant incentive for one of these teams to win. Neither team can afford to spend another season in the Championship anyway.

Both games are set to provide plenty of entertainment and financial gain for the winner. You can watch the Champions League final on FOX or fuboTV, and you can watch the EFL Championship Playoff final on ESPN+.

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