Paul Pogba Goes Full Party Monster In France World Cup Celebrations

Paul Pogba led the France World Cup celebrations and showed he is an absolute party monster. Now that France is utterly overcome with joy as Les Bleus delivered a second world title in twenty years, the Manchester United man stepped up to the moment.

The whole team celebrated with president Emmanuel Macron on Monday at the Champs Elysées in Paris.

The politician gave a brief speech before he passed the microphone on to Paul Pogba, and then the real party began.

Paul Pogba is hands down one of the best midfielders on the planet today. We have seen him score unbelievable goals, provide out-of-this-world assists and effortlessly dribble past opponents.

His off-the-ptich entertaining abilities, however, were unbeknownst to most of us.

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A day after France beat Croatia in one of the most fun World Cup finals to date, Paul Pogba and the entire France national team celebrated with thousands of people in what has proven to be a true national holiday.

Pogba began the France World Cup celebrations asking the crowd: “J’ai entendu dire qu'on était champions du monde, est ce-que c’est vrai ça?" — "I heard we were world champions, is that true?" To which the crowd repeatedly shouted in response “yes!”

Just watch good ol’ Pogba stirring things up for the crowd. What a moment.

France World Cup Celebrations

But that’s not all. Fans have created some really catchy songs that will no doubt become summer hits.

Here's a compilation of the best songs dedicated to Les Bleus so far:

N’Golo Kanté Song

At one moment, Pogba called teammate N’Golo Kanté to the fore and then sang the super hit song dedicated to the Chelsea midfielder.

N’Golo Kanté, pala lalala, N’ Golo Kanté, pala lalala

Il est petit, il est gentil, il a bouffé Leo Messi

Bientôt dans les Champs-Élysées N’Golo Kanté

Which translates to English as follows: 

"N’Golo Kanté, he is little, he is gentle, he devoured Leo Messi, soon on the Champs Élysées, N’Golo Kanté."

Benjamin Pavard Song

Right back Benjamin Pavard scored one of the most unbelievable goals of the tournament in the Round of 16 match vs. Argentina.

Fans were thrilled and sang a song praising the VfB Stuttgart man.

Ben-ja-min Pa-vard, Ben-ja-min Pa-vard

Je crois pas que vous connaissez

Il sort de nulle part

Une frappe de bâtard

On a Benjamin Pavard

In English:

Benjamin Pavard

I don’t think you know him

He comes out of nowhere

With a hell of a strike

We have Benjamin Pavard

Gérard Depardieu Song

The famous actor became a Russian citizen allegedly to avoid paying taxes in France. As a revenge, French fans sang on the stands:

Gerard Depardieu, 

sors-nous ta vodka, 

on va la gagner chez toi

Which is French for:

Gerard Depardieu, 

give us your vodka, 

we are going to win it at your place

Paris Subway Madness

In case this wasn’t enough, even RATP subway authorities in Paris have gone mad and also made some remarkable adaptations to their subway station names to pay homage to their heroes. 

The Saint Paul station was re-baptized Monday as Saint Paul Pogba, while Arts et Métiers was renamed “Pavard et Métiers” in honor of Benjamin Pavard. 

Likewise, the Champs-Élysées metro station featured Monday as Deschamps-Élysées in reference to manager Didier Deschamps.

Victor Hugo station was renamed “Victor Hugo Lloris."

And the “Étoile” station changed its name to “On a 2 Étoiles,” meaning “we have two stars” in reference to the two World Cup trophies France has won.

Will this madness ever end?

These France World Cup celebrations surely make you want to become a world champion one day!

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