Photoshop Artists Fool Everyone With Laughable Fake FIFA Team Of The World Cup

FIFA released its team of the World Cup a few days ago, and it stirred up a bit of debate on social media outlets as it looked like FIFA had made some interesting decisions. 

In the era of fake news, some find it difficult to discern what is fact and what is not. For two Twitter users, Fredrik (@F_Edits) and @ClinicalFirmino, they single-handedly managed to troll almost every soccer fan in the world. 

It was in fact not FIFA’s team of the World Cup, but rather the work of two Twitter users who even contemplated putting Belgium’s Marouane Fellaini in their team. 

The team looked very legitimate and had fans talking. As you can see from the thread, Fredrik managed to dupe a number of media outlets, and one Mexican newspaper even published the team in print.

FIFA did not release a team of the World Cup in 2014 though, and Futhead seemed to be the only people that realised this team was probably a hoax. How smart are they! (Editor's note: The18 also did not fall for such tomfoolery.)

Twitter user Daniel Nyari (@danielnyari) produced the meme team of the tournament, and if you ask us, that team would have destroyed Didier Deschamp’s French team in the World Cup final.

Even if FIFA did end up releasing a team of the World Cup, it clearly wouldn’t be as good as ours! Check out The18’s team of the World cup here.

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