What’s Better Here: Mbappe Screaming Past Three Or Cavani’s Absurd Finish?

Trick question, you don’t have to decide because they go together like Dani Alves and talking.

Well, happy birthday Kylian Mbappe, ya filthy animal! Today, December 20, Mbappe turns 19. The question of how good he’ll be a few years from now is dwarfed by the immediate: how good is this kid right now? Yes, today’s highlight is from a match against yo-yo club SM Caen, but my word. 

As we learned during PSG’s 3-1 victory over Lille on December 9, he’s very fast. According to Sports Illustrated, he recorded a peak speed of 44.7 kmph while scoring PSG’s third goal in that match. His average for the game was 36 kmph, just a shade under Usain Bolt’s 37.5 kmph when setting the world-record in the 100m. 

Today, Mbappe showed off his technical ability while dribbling past two defenders before going off on another devastating sprint. He then picked out Edinson Cavani, and the Uruguayan’s finish was an absolute spectacle. 

My, my, my. Is this what’s referred to as video game/FIFA football? Because I’ve never seen a goal like this in my 16 years of playing FIFA. This is just ludicrous.  

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