This Defender Got Fooled During A Free Kick. So He Tried To Fight Everybody

Andy Yiadom, a defender for English club Barnet, charged a free kick taker at the wrong time. Then he just kept charging.

Andy Yiadom must have, like, had a fight with his girl or something right before this game. That's the only thing we can think of to explain the level of confusion and misplaced rage demonstrated in this video.

Either that or he was on hold with Comcast.

The video starts out so normally, with Yiadom just standing there in the wall like a good boy. But then a Northampton Town player runs forward and then Yiadom runs forward and then AAAARRRRGGGHHHH ANGER AND RAGE.

Andy Yiadom's Blind Fury

Yiadom was given a yellow for this little incident, which seems like a light punishment. Hopefully they sedated him after the game so he could be moved to a new habitat with less aggression-causing stimuli, like a Manchester United game.

Or at least give him a chill pill. Or 10.

(H/T SB Nation)

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