Ronaldo Appeals For VAR After One Of The Worst Dives Of His Career

Portugal didn't deserve to beat Morocco, but it did. On the whole, Portugal's performance was embarrassing.

“Does Messi do that?” Alexi Lalas sneered while looking at the camera during Fox’s halftime coverage of Portugal vs. Morocco. The act in question was a three-yard diving header off a corner from Ronaldo to give Portugal an early lead. (He doesn't; he usely takes the corners or stands at the edge of the box because he's just pushing 5-7.) 

But does Messi do this?

What a joke.

There should be such a global feel-good factor surrounding this Portugal side — the tiny, gorgeous nation that triumphed at the European Championship; the altogether genius-level play of Ronaldo; the Amazon fish-frog god known as Bernardo Silva.

But the team can be so heinously villainous that you're forced to do nothing except stand directly in front of your TV for 30 minutes, screaming at Morocco to please prove that there’s some sense of divine justice in the universe. 

There isn't. Sorry, kiddo.  

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