Oh What A Save By The Doggo

We take you to Argentina’s Torneo Federal A (the third division) for a match between — according to the crests we see here — C.D.J.U. and C.A.yS.D.deB. Perhaps you know them better by their full names: Club Deportivo Juventud Unida and Club Atlético y Social Defensores de Belgrano. No?

Well, Juventud Unida (the team in blue and white) defeated Defensores de Belgrano (in red) 3-0 on the day, and the best play by Defensores de Belgrano was made by a dog. It’s notoriously difficult for a goalkeeper to quickly get low and cover a post, but look at this reaction time! It’s not human!   

Is this the first time we’ve seen a dog come to the rescue in South America? Nope.

We’ve also witnessed a dog become assistant pooch in Paraguay after being given an empanada — perhaps our favorite story in 2018.

And we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention South America’s favorite son, Lionel Messi’s overgrown water buffalo.

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