LaLiga hiring a lip reader to see if Jude Bellingham called Mason Greenwood a rapist

A viral video during Real Madrid’s 2-0 win vs. Getafe on Thursday appears to show superstar Jude Bellingham calling Mason Greenwood “rapist” during the game.

LaLiga said on Friday that the league is looking into the incident after Getafe filed a complaint.

The two English players were battling for possession near the sideline. When the ball went out of play the cameras zoomed in on Bellingham’s face where he clearly says something. The lip readers of the internet believe he said “rapist” while looking in Greenwood’s direction.

Bellingham Greenwood incident

LaLiga said that it will use a lip-reading service to determine if Bellingham needs to be punished.

Greenwood parted ways with Manchester United to join Getafe on loan following a criminal investigation for possible attempted rape. 

Some pretty damning evidence, videos, images and audios were posted online however the case was closed last February due to the “withdrawal of key witnesses and new material that came to light.”

Greenwood has denied all accusations.

It’s unclear what LaLiga will do if the league determines Bellingham did call Greenwood a rapist during the game.

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