Alexandra Pinell Scores Ridiculous Goal At U-20 Women's World Cup

Alexandra Pinell has set the internet ablaze with one of the most incredible and mind-boggling goals in recent memory. 

Costa Rica is hosting the 2022 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup, and the home side played its first match against a talented Australian team. Setting up a free-kick from some 40 yards out, no one in the stadium expected Pinell to shoot. And yet, filled with adrenaline and confidence, the Costa Rica captain stood over the ball and knew exactly what was about to happen. 

She ran up and leathered it, sailing with the speed and momentum of a shot that wouldn’t return to earth without some sort of intervention. The keeper couldn’t get anywhere near the strike as it flew by, destined for the top corner.

The scene of a national team’s captain, at a World Cup, in their home nation, scoring a stunning long-range goal to give their side the lead are the stuff dreams are made of. 

Pinell’s goal was not enough on the night as Australia ran out 3-1 winners over Las Ticas. The side’s next game will be against Spain at 7 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 13.

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