The Mourinho School Of Sh*thousery Has A New Graduate

Since signing for Roma in August, Tammy Abraham has undergone nothing short of a resurgence. The former Chelsea player scored 27 goals in all competitions for Jose Mourinho’s side, and many credit the Portuguese manager for his development as a player.

Of course, Mourinho’s signature style involves more than just finishing off sharp counterattacks. In the Jose Mourinho school of sh*thousery, you are also responsible for gaining an advantage by whatever means possible. Whether it's memorable pregame trash talk, memorable post-game trash talk, winning fouls or time wasting, Mourinho is known as a specialist in this “dark art.”

Abraham took an opportunity to let his coach know just how far he has come with a cheeky look at the bench while he feigned injury as time was running down in the Europa Conference League final on Wednesday. This is the Tammy Abraham wink seen ‘round the world. 

With Roma up 1-0 over Feyenoord in the 85th minute, Abraham went down with an apparent injury. The British striker hilariously winked at the Roma bench before continuing to roll around in anguish. Little did he know, the moment would be captured on live television for all to see.

Tammy Abraham Wink


It’s not the first time a Mourinho disciple has been caught time wasting red-handed. David Luiz famously winked at the camera before getting Manchester United's Rafael sent off in 2013. 

While the final product on the pitch sometimes left more to be desired, Mourinho took home his fifth European trophy. With or without the dark arts, Mourinho has cemented his status among the all-time great managers. 

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