Airline pilot announces Argentina World Cup win in the most nail-biting way possible

Argentina fans have gone mad after winning the World Cup for the first time in 36 years.

The 3-3 extra time result taken to penalties was a thriller full of comebacks and nail-biting moments that made La Albiceleste’s third World Cup victory even sweeter for fans celebrating around the world.

One particular Argentine fan experience and reaction might’ve topped all others, though – and not just because it was 36,000 feet in the air.

Fans find out Argentina is World Cup champion on a flight

Over a hundred fans got on an airplane at the same moment that Argentina was to fight for the World Cup against France on Sunday in what looked like a flight with no internet connection.

Yes. No internet connection or satellite TV while your country is playing in a World Cup final.

How they managed to sit through their flight without parachuting out of the window? Not sure.

When the match was over, pilots were notified of the result and decided to announce it over the intercom to their anxious passengers.

The silence was just as stark as the celebration.

I'm pretty sure that as the days go by, we'll see more and more of these wholesome and amazing reactions to Argentina's great win.

How can you not love the World Cup?

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