Newlyweds kick off their honeymoon by attending an underwhelming 0-0 draw

I love soccer. Really. However, I would never have thought of starting my honeymoon by attending a game of my favorite team as these newlyweds did. 

Yeah, once the ceremony ended, this Mexican couple couldn't find anything better than kick off their new life together, seeing the first leg of the Liga MX final between Tigres and Chivas at El Volcán Stadium. They didn't even change their bride and groom attire to do it.

Surely, it was a final and maybe they were expecting something special.

But other than people talking to them, some fans asking them for some pictures, and a silly throw-in in which Javier Aquino bonked the ball in Antonio Briseño's head, the game was pretty dull and underwhelming.

We don't have a report about whether they stayed the whole game or not, nor about what they did after the match. However, we are sure that was way more exciting than a 0-0 draw.

At least, we hope.

Tigres vs Chivas highlights

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